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10 October, 2019

Waiver of Port and Light Dues - Hong Kong

Please be informed that the HKSAR Government has announced the waiver of Port and Light Dues (per 100 NRT X HKD43) for ocean-going vessels (“OGVs”).

A)    Concession Period 

The concession period is for 12 months starts from midnight at the start of 1 Oct 2019 until midnight at the end of 30 Sep 2020. 

B)    Waiver

Port and Light Dues payable by OGVs for the use of port facilities on each occasion of entry to Hong Kong waters under the Shipping and Port Control Ordinance will be waived if they arrive in the waters of Hong Kong during the concession period.

If you require any further information, please contact Inchcape Hong Kong:

Phone: +85 2278 61155