Repeat COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers in Netherlands

From Monday, September 26, 2022, seafarers can receive a repeat COVID-19 vaccination by Arbo Unie. This campaign is an extension of the existing vaccination program for seafarers. Since the start of this program in 2021,  32.000 seafarers have had their basic vaccination series and/or 1st booster.

The vaccinations are given at 4 Arbo Unie locations in Rotterdam Botlek, Amsterdam, Vlissingen and Groningen. It is possible for larger groups to give the vaccinations on board a ship from a number of Dutch seaports.

For the repeat vaccination COVID-19 campaign, the renewed vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer are available. Any eligible seafarer can get a repeat vaccination if desired. The vaccination is free. We vaccinate at the Arbo Unie locations and on board the ships (from a minimum of 15 seafarers to be vaccinated and depending on available capacity). Arbo Unie has the option to vaccinate seafarers at the locations Rotterdam Botlek, Amsterdam, Groningen and Vlissingen.

Arranging appointments – Requesting additional information

To make an appointment, email the application to or call our 24/7 office number +31 10 295 1111 (option 4).  In addition to making an appointment for a repeat COVID-19 vaccination, it is still possible to make an appointment for a 1st vaccination. More information about this can be requested via

Repeat COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers in Netherlands