Suez Canal announce the cancelation of LNG toll rebate

The Suez Canal have issued SC Circular Amendment for SC Circular no. 2/2015, announcing the cancellation of the SC tolls rebate 15% that was granted to LNG carriers during SC transits.  SC CIRCULAR AMENDMENT FOR SC CIRCULAR NO. 2/2015

Please refer to the history of the rebate of Circular no. 5/2015 since the SCA declared it, until they canceled the rebate as of 15/03/2022.

Concerning LNG Carriers transiting Suez Canal AuthorityCirc. 08/1994Circ. 02/2015Periodical Concerning 26/10/2021Periodical Concerning 14/03/2022This periodical is applicable to LNG carriers transiting the Suez Canal starting from 15 March 2022.

Additionally the SCA has requested operators complete a questionnaire to assess the rebates currently available.

In the way of continuing the fruitful relationship and effective cooperation between Suez canal, its customers and the stakeholders in the international maritime transport market, moreover due to what Suez canal have got such as queries about the imposed additional tolls surcharge in first of March 2022 as a reflection of maritime market conditions improvement and increase in oil prices.

Suez canal constructed the following questionnaire to keep in touch with its customers and the stakeholders in the international maritime transport market to continue in keeping up with the maritime market conditions as it might change the tolls surcharge (imposed in March 2022) whether with increase or decrease.

Kindly click on the following link to start filling the questionnaire: