Physical wellness

An introduction to improving physical wellness at sea

Take the challenge

Improving your physical wellness with our 21 day challenge

For this cycle the challenge is to follow a structured workout plan for 21 days. To make things interesting, challenge your friends on board or your family back home to join you.

  • For seafarers, the workouts are ship friendly and don’t require any equipment.
  • For those stuck in the office in Zoom meetings every day, the workouts can easily be done in a lunchbreak or before you hit the office chair in the morning.
  • For families, it’s easy enough to do the workouts before your morning shower or dropping the children at school. Even better, try to involve the kids in the challenge and think of a way to reward them if they succeed.

It’s as easy as this: do three moves, three times per day for 21 days, and end each daily session with three minutes on mindfulness.


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