Collision between OS35 and Adam LNG Update

The Gibraltar Contingency Council, jointly chaired by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, met this afternoon 12:30 pm. The Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia, Minister for the Environment John Cortes and Minister for the Port Vijay Daryanani also attended.


The Captain of the Port has confirmed that the operation to remove diesel oil from OS 35 has successfully completed.

Around 5 tonnes of diesel remains on board in the engine room tank to enable the operation of the vessel’s own machinery.


The priority now is the removal of low sulphur fuel oil from tank 2, which has already begun.

All possible options are being actively explored in the plans to remove low sulphur fuel oil from the remaining tanks. Dedicated diving support is on scene 24/7.


The skimming operations of oil inside the on-site boom has removed approximately 12 tonnes of a mixture of oil and water.

The amount of oil that is leaking from the vessel is significantly reduced from yesterday. This is evident from the visible sheening, rather than collections of black oil as was seen yesterday, within the boom.

The Gibraltar Port Authority plans to replace the existing boom that is attached to the OS 35 with a diamond formation boom, which will provide further resilience. This is expected to be possible tomorrow.


Every marine asset available to the GPA that is not tasked with other duties, for example the J formations, has been fitted with a sorbent boom.

Work is ongoing in earnest to clear up the sheen, particularly on the western side.

Sorbent boom is very effective but the process is very slow. It works by absorbing oil through direct contact.


6 OSRL staff members are in Gibraltar and have this morning conducted a coastal survey.

Clean-up teams have been deployed to target areas to begin the clean-up of oil from the shoreline. This will be managed by the Department of the Environment’s oil spill management team.

The Department of the Environment and the Gibraltar Port Authority are taking every possible measure both on land and at sea to minimise the environmental impact of the spill.


The protection of Little Bay, and the AquaGib and MoD intakes inlets there, are the top priority in shoreline protection efforts.

These intake inlets are normally protected with a precautionary sorbent boom, which have been effective so far.

This is being bolstered through the deployment of GPA launches with further sorbent booms to Little Bay and Camp Bay.


A containment boom has been deployed to Mid Harbour Marina. This will be closed for the weekend to prevent damage to vessels. No vessels will be allowed to depart from the Mid Harbour Small Boats Marina.

Red flags are flying at Camp Bay and Little Bay The Montagu Bathing Pavilion will also be closed


The Department of Environment has received reports of small numbers of oiled birds.

The situation is being closely and constantly monitored and every effort is being made to minimise the harmful effects to wildlife.

Captain Arrested by Police, pending investigation.
Drones with IR technology flown over to monitor oil spill.
Assets deployed to contain spill which was whisked by currents making way into the bay approx. 2000mtrs.
Gibraltar Port Closed.

18:45 hrs vessel hull sheared but not separated, all crew and surveyors evacuated.
Resolve Marine appointed salvors.
OSRL advisers arrive in Gibraltar.
Bunker barge made ready to de-bunker.
Cross boarder communications with Spain.
No further hydraulic oil seen leaking.
Vessel carrying 215 mt of HFO, 250mt of MGO and 27mt of Lube Oil.
HFO seen leaking from bow section.
19:55 hrs MAJAX – Major Incident declared under provision of civil contingencies act.
Gibraltar Port Closed.

22:00 hrs Collision between OS35 and Adam LNG whilst OS35 was exiting Gibraltar Anchorage.
OS35 requested assistance, took on pilot and was beached in 17 meters of water east side of Gibraltar to avoid vessels loss in deep water, vessel remained stable overnight, crew remained onboard, no injuries reported on either vessel.
Various assets mobilised including Spanish tug Luz de Mar in order to evacuate, divers assessed damage and found a 10Mx4M gash on Starboard side, bow 1.2mtrs in sand.
Hydraulic sheen noticed around vessel thought to have come from cranes.
Oil Booms mobilised around vessel.

2022 09 01T150626Z 1576417629 RC2E8W9P00IW RTRMADP 3 GIBRALTAR SHIP LEAK
Aerial photo of half-sunk cargo ship OS 35 in Catalan Bay Gibraltar – Government / Handout via REUTERS

Water situation update – 2nd September 2022

The Strategic Coordinating Group, chaired by Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, met this morning to discuss the latest development regarding water production and the effects of the OS 35 vessel incident to our water infrastructure.

The water situation across the AquaGib network remains stable with all Reverse Osmosis Plants working at full capacity. However, there is a need to remain sensible with water consumption as AquaGib continues to assist the MOD with the supply of water whilst they resolve an issue with one of their pumps. Therefore, restrictions will remain in place for high consumers with the situation being reviewed again on Monday.

AquaGib is working closely with the Port Authority to secure the area of Little Bay where one of the seawater intakes are installed. Generally, surface oil is not a problem for the water intakes as the intake inlets are sufficiently below the surface. However, as an extra precaution the following measures have been put in place:

• A square sorbent boom formation already in place,

• an additional layer of sorbents at the beach buoys line,

• a launch tasked solely with actively tackling the sheening, which is in the area of Little Bay.

• and absorbent booms inside the Beefsteak reservoir to prevent any oil from being transferred to the Governor’s Cottage Reverse Osmosis plant.

Members of the public are reminded that any potable water leaks should be reported to the AquaGib 24-hour emergency helpline on 20073659.

A further meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group has been scheduled for Monday afternoon with the Government expecting to issue an update thereafter or earlier if required.