Industrial Actions in Australia Update

Port/sPort Kembla & Port of Newcastle
Issue TypeIndustrial Actions
ImpactPartial Closure

Please see below the latest information regarding Industrial Actions in Australia

Port Kembla

Due to the impending lockout of Harbour Towage announced by Svitzer yesterday, coming into effect at 1200hrs Friday 18 November 2022, there will be a need for vessels to vacate the port.

Port Kembla is reliant on our towage provider Svitzer. This includes harbour movements, standby and emergency towage requirements to meet the needs of the port.

All vessels, operators, terminals, and stevedores are advised of the following:

  • Based on current advice, there will, in all likelihood, be no harbour tugs available for any purpose from noon on Friday 18 November 2022 at Port Kembla.
  • Due to the above situation, the port will need to be vacated, i.e., all vessels that require the use the tugs to enter and leave the port will need to depart the port.
  • The vessels are expected to depart the port commencing on Thursday (17 Nov 22). The departures will need to be coordinated; however, it is envisaged that such movement will take place from Thursday early morning till Friday am.
  • New vessels wishing to enter the port to be aware of the above scenario and likely early departure.
  • Vessels that are in port, must be fully ready in all respects for departing the port by Thursday (17 Nov 22) morning.
  • This means that the vessels are prepared to depart for sea. Such consideration would include but not be limited to stability of cargo, lashing of cargoes, appropriate bunker stems, seaworthiness, etc.
  • All vessels that are currently in port (their agents and terminals) are required/requested to confirm that they have understood this requirement by return email.
  • The above requirement will not include the COLK and COC vessel masters that are currently able to operate in the port on the projects that are currently underway at the Inner harbour as well as the outer harbour.
  • VTS will liaising with various on the departure of vessels in due course.

Port of Newcastle

As a result of the impending lockout of Harbour Towage, there will be a need for vessels to vacate the Port of Newcastle due to the unavailability of tugs to respond in case of emergency.

Based on current advice, the port will be limited in which vessels can enter port this week due to the fast turnaround required and limited/uncertain towage available.