Port of Rio Grande: Draft Restriction Update

Port/sRio Grande

Due to the recent severe flooding, the Port Authority of Rio Grande do Sul (Portos RS) is currently assessing the damage and losses affecting its facilities. The Rio Grande complex, the largest port managed by Portos RS, has been significantly impacted. Despite recent dredging efforts of 3.5 million cubic meters this year, which had achieved a draft of 14.20 meters, Portos RS has observed substantial debris and sediment accumulation in the waterway, leading to rapid silting of the external channel.

To ensure navigation safety and maintain port operations, Portos RS has conducted a bathymetric survey of all access channels. As a result, a new provisional draft of 12.30 meters has been established. In cases of unfavourable weather conditions, pilotage will evaluate each manoeuvre to ensure the safety of navigation and crew.

Efforts to dredge the channel are ongoing, and Portos RS aims to complete this work as soon as possible to resume normal operations.

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