Red Sea Situation – Daily Bulletin

Welcome to the Inchcape Red Sea Situation daily bulletin relating to the situation in the Red Sea and Suez Canal. It has been reported on several news channels that Maersk are preparing to recommence Suez/Red Sea transits as soon as operationally possible after the implementation of Operation Prosperity Guardian.

Situation update

Today has seen several sittings of Coalition vessels in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean areas.  Operation Prosperity Guardian is making its presence known to reassure ship owners and operators in the Region. Ambrey also reported 3 Incidents today.

  • Firstly, Navig8 Montiel reported sighting of 2 UAVs, although Ambrey noted that after communication with Coalition Forces, it was stated these were from their vessel and not actually UAVs.
  • Secondly, the Nordic Thunder reported seeing explosions in the sky 50M northeast of Hodeidah, Yemen. Reports suggest that these were successful interceptions by coalition warships.
  • Lastly, Ambrey received information that it believes indicated Ansar Allah (‘Houthis’) attempted to communicate with a merchant vessel 57m northwest of Hodeidah, Yemen. An entity claiming to be the “Yemeni navy” asked a merchant vessel to adjust course to port due to “some made-up infraction.” Ambrey observed vessels in the vicinity increase speed and perform evasive manoeuvres at the time. Ambrey believed the targeted vessel was ‘dark’ on AIS based on reports that it switched off AIS and increased speed.

Ambrey Daily Incident report:

    A Norwegian-flagged tanker reported a “near-miss” of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), approximately 50 Miles west of Hodeidah, Yemen.
    Merchant vessels had reported sighting an aerial projectile 38M offshore Iddi, Eritrea. Vessels in the vicinity reported observing a ‘missile fired over’ a Gabon-flagged crude oil tanker and that there was an ‘attack with a missile.’
    A Cayman Islands-flagged, Greek-owned bulk carrier reported sighting two Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). The first UAV was 28M southeast of Tiyo, Eritrea and 64M southwest of Hodeidah, Yemen. This landed in the sea two cables from the port quarter. The second UAV also fell into the sea 27M southeast of Tiyo, Eritrea and 62M southwest of Hodeidah approximately 40 minutes later.
    A Liberia-flagged chemical/products carrier was struck on the stern by a UAV, which caused a fire in the rope locker approximately 200M southwest of Veraval, India
    A Singapore-flagged bulk carrier was approached by four skiffs while transiting southbound through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, approximately 13M west of Dhubab, Yemen.
    A Liberia-flagged tanker sighted an aerial threat flying above the vessel while transiting eastbound through the Gulf of Aden closing on Point A of the International Recommended Transit Corridor
    A Malta-flagged bulk carrier was hijacked 380M east of Socotra Island. The crew were taken hostage, and the vessel was transferred to Somali territorial waters.
    A Liberia-flagged tanker sighted an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) flying in the vessel’s vicinity while exiting the Bab el-Mandeb Strait southbound approximately 7M south of Perim Island, Yemen.

Suez Canal Transits

The Suez Canal Authority has reported a 15% decline in transits, particularly of container vessels, in recent weeks. The sharp decline has been arrested by 61 Suez Transits today. It is too early to say if this is a sign of increasing transits.

Suez Canal Transits 26.12.2023

Cape of Good Hope Rerouting

Through World of Ports we now see several Container and Tanker vessels arriving in Mauritius. It does appear that Operators are bypassing South Africa and using Port Louis, Mauritius as their bunker call. There is congestion in South African ports due to bad weather and equipment failures. However, there is sufficient bunker capacity, although Inchcape local port agents report halted supply at Algoa Bay due to customs and regulatory disputes. Clarksons reports over 150 vessels have chosen to reroute to date, which will result in price increases, and also increased demand for bunkers, crew logistics and husbandry. Typically a Cape of Good Hope transit may add 9-14 days to a voyage length over a Suez Transit.

Cape of Good Hope Rerouting 26.12.2023

How can Inchcape Shipping Services help?

Inchcape Shipping Services is well established in Africa when considering to divert around the Cape of Good Hope. With 14 port offices and a network of carefully selected and vetted partners, our team of experienced agents offer top-notch support and expertise to vessels when they are in port, covering everything from crew welfare and customs formalities to fuel supply and waste management.

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