Truck strike in Jordan

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Truck owners and drivers are on a strike against transporting goods and commodities from the ports of Aqaba and Mafraq to their final destinations, rejecting the agreement that took place on Monday between the Transport Regulatory Authority and the Syndicate of Jordanian Truck Owners.

The strike comes as a protest against the increase in fuel prices and the failure to raise the minimum transportation wage for four consecutive years.

Until now, the port authorities have not published any official statement or updates on the current situation in Aqaba and the impact of the strike on operations. However, according to the actual observations on the ground, in the port and Aqaba, the strike has suspended all inland handling operations at all terminals in Aqaba port except for some trucks for the oil and gas terminals.

The nationwide strike has resulted in an almost 99% complete suspension of all inland operations at all terminals in Aqaba port and there are no full imports leaving the terminal and all export operations have also been suspended

Strike remains ongoing until now

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