Ambrey and Inchcape Shipping Services Join Forces to Revolutionize Safety and Security in the Maritime Sector

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Ambrey and Inchcape Shipping Services (ISS) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at transforming safety and security in the maritime sector. This groundbreaking collaboration combines cutting-edge technology, global presence, and unmatched expertise to enhance safety measures and drive improved commercial outcomes for the industry.

Through this partnership, Ambrey and Inchcape will jointly offer a comprehensive range of proven and accredited services via Inchcape’s dedicated Survey & Inspection Department, led by Vice President Chris Greenwood, including Citadel Inspections, Ship Security Assessments, Anti-Piracy Ship Security Assessments, Ship Security Plan Reviews, and Port Security Assessments on various projects worldwide. This synergy will enable the maritime industry to bolster safety protocols, enhance operational efficiency, and address potential risks.

Inchcape Shipping Services has established itself as the go-to partner for some of the world’s largest and most respected shipping companies across various sectors. Representing clients in over 85% of the world’s ports across 60 countries through its extensive network of 247 owned offices, Inchcape has gained recognition for its trusted expertise in the Cruise, Dry Bulk, Liner, Government, Tanker, Ship Manager, and Offshore industries. The partnership will integrate Inchcape’s deep understanding of commercial shipping operations and its associated data, with Ambrey’s industry-leading risk expertise. The sharing of lessons learned, and implementation of best practices aims to improve the safety and commercial outcomes of the industry.

This strategic partnership allows Inchcape to harness Ambrey’s extensive and reputable expertise in safety and security services, complementing Inchcape’s global network, data intelligence, and experience in port agency, marine, and survey services. By leveraging each other’s strengths, Inchcape and Ambrey will pave the way for unparalleled safety and security solutions across the maritime sector.

“Inchcape Shipping Services is thrilled to embark on this strategic partnership with Ambrey, a renowned leader in safety and security services,” said Svend Stenberg, CCO at Inchcape Shipping Services. “By combining our expertise, technology, and global presence, we are confident that we can revolutionise safety protocols in the maritime industry, ensuring safer operations and ultimately enhancing the commercial outcomes for our valued clients.”

“Ambrey is delighted to be enhancing its capabilities through this partnership with Inchcape Shipping Services,” said Chris Charnley Group Managing Director at Ambrey. “It is a hugely uncertain time for global shipping and the maritime sector, threats are incredibly dynamic and this is asking serious questions of the existing ways risks to vessels, crew and cargo are being mitigated. Ambrey is always looking to innovate, challenge and lead the maritime security industry, through this partnership we will be able to do so rapidly and at scale enhancing safety and security exactly where it is most needed.”

Inchcape Shipping Services and Ambrey are committed to driving positive change in the shipping industry and making a lasting impact on global safety and security standards. This partnership represents a significant step forward in ensuring a safer and more secure maritime environment for all stakeholders.

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About Inchcape Shipping Services

Inchcape Shipping Services is the world’s leading Port Agency and Marine Services provider. Since 1847 Inchcape Shipping Services has provided the local knowledge and means to deliver port calls that enable businesses to ship smoothly and trade successfully.

Inchcape combines its worldwide infrastructure with local expertise through its global network of over 247 proprietary offices across 60 countries and a team of over 3,200 committed professionals. Our unique geographical footprint means we can offer customers a full range of marine services, delivered safely, transparently and with exceptional service wherever they are in the world.

Our diverse global customer base includes owners, charterers and ship managers in the oil & gas, cruise, container, and bulk commodity sectors and naval, government and intergovernmental organisations.

Through the real-time port data and information generated by our global network, coupled with investments in technology, we provide market and port intelligence that allows our customers to focus on their core business and make informed decisions.

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About Ambrey

Ambrey is a global leader in the maritime security risk management industry. Ambrey enables clients to identify, mitigate and transfer their operational risks, ensuring the safety and security of their crew, vessel and cargo.

Ambrey is headquartered in the UK and has a full time team of over 150 people with 1000 crew and security personnel deployed around the world. Ambrey’s services integrate unique data and insights with proprietary technology to the point of operational need in real time. Ambrey is a trusted partner to many of the leading names in the Shipping, Oil & Gas, and Offshore industries, enabling business and reducing risk.

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