Holiday Notice ‘End/New Year Holiday’ in Japan

Please kindly note Japan will have End/New Year holiday week as follows:

Dec. 2023

28th (Thu) – Business day
29th (Fri) – Public offices closed / Bank open
30th (Sat) – Holiday
31st (Sun) – Holiday

Jan. 2024

01st (Mon) – Holiday
02nd (Tue) – Holiday
03rd (Wed) – Holiday
04th (Thu) – Business day
05th (Fri) – Business day

Local private companies such as repairers, suppliers, etc., will also close their offices during the end/new year as per their company regulation (some companies may close offices earlier than 29th/Dec or extend further until 4th/Jan), and any new request shall not be available during the period.

If your good vessel is expected to call Japan during this period, please let us know well in advance for our standby, otherwise, we may not be able to arrange it timely.

FYG, the following points must be cleared in advance to receive port entry permission from port authorities.


We must submit the formality to the Japan Coast Guard 24 hours before the ship’s arrival at 1st port or certain entry points (Tokyo Bay, Ise Bay, Kii Channel, Bungo Channel and Kanmon Straits).


We must submit the formality to the Transport Bureau by 12:00lt of one day before the ship’s arrival at 1st port or certain entry points (Tokyo Bay, Ise bay, Kii channel, Bungo Channel and Kanmon Straits).

(excluding Saturday, Sunday and Holiday).

The Ship’s ETA on must clear by

Dec. 2022            Dec. 2022

28th (Thu)            1200lt/27th(Wed)
29th(Fri)               1200lt/28th(Thu)
30th(Sat)              1200lt/28th(Thu)
31st(Sun)             1200lt/28th(Thu)

Jan. 2023            Dec. 2022

01st (Mon)           1200lt/28th(Thu)
02nd (Tue)           1200lt/28th(Thu)
03rd (Wed)           1200lt/28th(Thu)
04th (Thu)            1200lt/28th(Thu)
05th (Fri)              1200lt/4th/Jan/2023(Tue)


Depending on the ship’s cargo and calling port, we need to obtain an HNS certificate or MDPC certificate.

To obtain a valid certificate safely with a basic fee, application and remittance have to be completed two bank business days before the ship’s arrival (excluding Sat/Sun/Holiday).
(In this year, the centre opens till 30th Dec, but unless ISP’s formality is cleared, the ship cannot enter the port. Thus, the following is the deadline basis ISPS clearance deadline.)

Ship arriving at Japan port during 30th/Dec – 4th/Jan have to complete the application & remittance on 28th/Dec during bank opening hour.
Ship arriving at Japan port on 5th/Jan have to complete the application & remittance on 29th/Dec during bank opening hour.

Considering the above AA) – CC), Inchcape Japan, highly recommend your good vessel/office contact us well in advance before the coming end/new year for safe arrangements. Hence, we would try to provide the best possible guidance to mitigate any inconvenience to them.

Inchcape Japan – All ISS Tokyo OPS

Thank you in advance for your kind attention to this matter.

// Inchcape Tokyo office will be unmanned in between 30th/Dec and 04th/Jan //