Panama Canal Authority confirms measures to mitigate extended dry season 

Panama Canal Authority (ACP) confirmed Additional Measures to Mitigate the Extended Dry Season and Reduction in Precipitation in the Canal Watershed.

Despite the arrival of the rainy season in the Isthmus of Panama and the continuous water saving measures that the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) has implemented in the past months to mitigate the adverse effects of the extended dry season in the Canal watershed, the ACP finds it necessary to implement additional measures to reduce the possibility of additional draft restrictions in the upcoming weeks.

Therefore, effective July 30, 2023, and until further notice:

Daily capacity:

To be adjusted to an average of 32 vessels per day: 10 vessels in the Neopanamax locks and 22 vessels in the Panamax locks.

  • The daily transit capacity may be further adjusted as deemed necessary, depending on the level of Gatun Lake weather forecasts, and vessel mix.
  • In normal conditions, ACP was transiting between 34 to 38 vessels per day.

Booking competitions:

Panamax Locks: During 2nd and 3rd period competition, full containers vessels shall have the priority in the assignment of the slots. Remaining slots will be assigned by customer ranking.

For 3rd period, modification will be beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2023, and for 2nd period will be in effect beginning Saturday, August 19, 2023

  • Applications for reserved slots under this new allocation procedure will be received beginning at 09:00 hours Saturday, July 29, 2023.


Reduction in the number of daily transits for an extended period will invariably increase the waiting time for some vessels, particularly those who do not obtain a reservation.

We strongly encourage all customers to make use of our Transit Reservation System to reduce the possibility of extensive delays.

The ACP may implement additional measures and establish additional procedures, commensurate with the safe and efficient operation of the Canal.

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