Routes to/from the ports of Ukraine

At the beginning of the week, UA NAVY and State Hydrographic Service announced new temporary routes for the movement of civilian vessels to/from the Black Sea seaports of Ukraine (specifically Odesa). These routes were previously agreed with IMO. UA NAVY also underlined that all war risks, including mines, are still there, but they will do their best to secure corridors.

Yesterday, August 16, container ship MV Joseph Schulte (stuck at Odesa since 23 Feb 2022) left Odesa (UA) for Ambarli (TR), and successfully reached Danube-Sulina Branch in Romanian waters at about 2000 lt and continued to pass to her destination. It should be mentioned that the vessel flag is Hong Kong, and the PRC Embassy in the Russian Federation informed the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the move and asked for support beforehand. This is the first successful move from UA ports since the beginning of the war, apart from the Grain initiative.

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