Support for vessels rerouting from the Red Sea

Since the 14th of November, Ansar Allah (the ‘Houthis’) have threatened to attack Israel-affiliated merchant shipping. The Bab al-Mandab Strait off the coast of Yemen is a pinch point where the Red Sea meets the Indian Ocean. Around 12% Global Shipping and 30% Container traffic passes through the Strait to and from the Suez Canal. Additionally 1/3rd of global oil passes through region, something else to consider when you also think about the current Panama Canal restrictions. Another factor is the importance of the Straits as a gateway to the Suez Canal, which accounts for 5% of Egyptian GDP. The threat to shipping has escalated beyond “Israeli” linked targets to include all major owners / operators. Unlike previous Piracy related events in Red Sea / Gulf of Aden this is a sophisticated military threat and requires a very sophisticated response. 

Vessel operators are now considering diverting vessels around the Cape of Good Hope.

Inchcape Shipping Services is well established in Africa, with 14 port offices and a network of carefully selected and vetted partners. Our team of experienced agents offer top-notch support and expertise to vessels when they are in port, covering everything from crew welfare and customs formalities to fuel supply and waste management.

We provide:

  • 24/7 availability with a local Inchcape representative.
  • Direct liaison with the vessel on all aspects of the call when required.
  • Critical local expertise and liaison with managing local authorities.
  • Assist with crew logistics, including transport to and from the airport, accommodation, and medical assistance.
  • Coordination and facilitation of bunker supplies, supervision and sampling.

Our team are ready to support you in Africa and Mauritius. Please contact us for a prompt PDA on these email addresses:

South Africa:

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